Wednesday, June 25, 2008


HIPAA - United States Department of Health and Human Service.

Medical Privacy -
National Standards to Protect the Privacy of Personal Health Information

I loathe benefits. Well, ok, not really, I love my benefits. I loathe benefit administration. (Thank goodness we have the best benefits administrator on the planet). I think to think about things and talk to people and speak in public and well, you get the picture. Trying to remember who gets what when for COBRA or contribution maximums for 403(b) ,or 401(k) for you businesses, is just not my cup to tea. Or draught of beer. Or dram of scotch, unless it's single malt.

So we have a couple of people who have medical issues. It happens. Shocking but true. We have a small community and when someone is out, it doesn't go unnoticed. We inevitably will get the fishing inquiries disguised as caring and concern. 'Wow, I heard Jan broke her leg. How is she doing?' or 'Hey I hope Max is doing well in detox.' And, 'I heard Betty had a miscarriage. I hope that she is ok....' We have in meetings thrown around the idea of an internal HR Blog titled All the Gossip You Want To Know but Are Afraid to Ask. But then it occurred to us, you know one of those blinding flashes of the obvious. There is Facebook. We don't need a blog, there is already a one for us. And it's free, won't add staff, doesn't take and IT support or resources and we are COMPLETELY BLAMELESS.

WOW, let me THANK those people at Facebook. So when someone comes in to ask about Max and detox, we can just let them know that we are prevented from saying anything about anyone's medical condition but....check out his Facebook and you can read all about his detox and his family counseling appointments. And, his therapist has her own Facebook so you can see what she is working on and if you are one of her friends, you get a discount. But sorry, she is out of Network so you only get 10 visits, at 50% copay. Bummer.

Yeah, HIPAA. You are SO outdated. You don't even Twitter.

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