Saturday, July 19, 2008

And we're back.

I stepped away for a few days. Some time off, some work time, some projects at home and an incredible couple of nights on VH1 of The Who video plus Who tributes from bands like Pearl Jam, Foo Fighters and the Flaming Lips. Watching one of my favorite bands, I was struck by the audience demographics. (I promise that this actually has something to do with work, really). There were people in the audience who had to be still in college, standing next to people who were probably their grandparents. Ok, maybe not THEIR grandparents, but someone's grandparents. I watched the audience sing every single word to every song. Sometimes Roger wouldn't even have to sing; the audience carried the song.

I try to imagine going to work every day or every other day, knowing that 99% of the time, people love my work. Roger and Pete throw their arms around each other and thank the audience. The audience - they cheer, they applaud, they encourage, they hold up cell phones/lighters in appreciation, they sing, and they yell. Wow. I wonder if people cheer when I do some of the things that I have to do. Probably not. But what a curious perspective on work and its execution.

We had a number of interviews at my work this week. Interviewing is one of my position requirements that is such a black hole for time but always so fascinating, I learn so much. We are interviewing for a leadership position that will require business, technical and people skills. Oh, and we need you to know a little bit about the department and the university. We actually had a candidate come in who, by his own admission, had done no research. None. Nada. Zilch. He didn't look at our website, didn't look at the department's org chart, didn't look at our mission, vision, President's Report - all on our site for the taking. So that was a long hour, with the time of several committee members. He will not be getting a second interview. And I expect that he will be surprised.

Interviewing for some positions - like our Deans, Sr Directors along with VP positions, we will, at with the blessing of the search committee, 'prep' the candidates. We will provide links to all the materials, along with an overview of what topics the committee wants to cover in the interview. This encourages candidates to reflect on the questions and do the research for the position. I find those interviews to be the most productive and rewarding - for both parties!

We have more interviews scheduled this week which always provides good writing material. I wonder if I can put it to music?

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