Sunday, August 10, 2008

So you want my job?

Recently, I have had a number of people express interest into 'getting into' HR. Some times the inquiries are sort of irritating, like you can pick this up like a cold, any time during a career. Honestly, this work requires skill, flair, compassion, empathy, humor, education and experience.

Where else do you see this?

A candidate brings her imaginary friend to an interview and asks for a chair for her.
An interviewing candidate informs me that geckos are climbing all over my walls during our interview. (That was probably an acid flashback)
A candidate brings survey to the interview and advises me of what the proper offer will be.
Candidate defines working with a diverse community as gals, foreigners and Vietmanese. (check the spelling).
Candidate referred to himself in the third person for the ENTIRE INTERVIEW.

Employee likes to play Solitaire on the work computer and can't figure out why that's a problem. (Um, we don't employ professional Solitaire players)
Employee doesn't make it to work because it was just a day, "she didn't feel like working." Wow.
Employee didn't understand the rebuke from a married colleague. Can we say stalker? (He didn't last)
Two employees get into a fight over a paperweight.

Had a supervisor advise me on an employee problem, "well SOMEBODY needs to talk to her." (Well dude, that would be YOU)
Had a supervisor want to allow a psycho- employee retract a letter of resignation. Um no.
Had a supervisor, advocating for an employee raise, tell me personally that she really didn't want him to get anything. Really could I fire him? (Head shaking) WHAT??
Supervisor thinks we all need to 'hug more.' (Can we say harassment?)
Had a supervisor complain that our office thinks candidates just 'fall out of the sky." (Well actually, we keep them freeze-dried in the closet and when you call our office and place the order, we just add water).

Who WOULDN'T want this job?


Breanne said...

Cccritique should hear these stories.

HC3 said...

Great post, worthy of a f/u post on HR blogger asking others to share their most outrageous moment.
Mine was a candidate a few yrs ago who did a 6 page resume that expanded on his credentials including a half page on how he was almost selected for the NASA space program. He called 3 times wanting to know why we didn't call him for an interview, By the way it was an assistant buyer position for a major retailer. I laughed so much that I kept his resume pinned behind my desk for a month...just to cheer me up! And yes I played it straight when I blew him off...

Joy'l Ver Heul said...

lol!!! i wish i could have been a little mouse in the corner and seen your responses. thanks for the good laugh! that's the best blog posting i've read in a long time...