Friday, September 12, 2008

Tag I am hit!

This is fun. Today is a vacation day for me while I hang with my dog, take care of laundry and just chillax, as my friend's children all say. It is nice to take a day off and not think about serious things for a while. So this post is just PERFECT!

HR Minion blogtagged me. How cool is that? The idea is to tell you six random things about myself and then pass it on.

1. I am an absolute weather freak. I love weather - I track it - high pressure, low pressure, fronts, winds in the oceans, you name it; also, I listen to the NOAA broadcasts, I watch the Weather Channel, read all kinds of personal and professional meteorological blogs, track precipitation for the National Weather Service and have signed up to be a backyard spotter.

2. I am a scuba diver. When we lived in Guam, I dove all over the Marianas Islands and dove the wrecks in Truk lagoon. I even have a passport stamp from Truk. Not too many people have been to Truk.

3. I collect beach glass. It used to be no big deal but with the success of recycling efforts, beach glass (which is quite beautiful) is becoming obsolute.

4. My very favorite sport is hockey. I have been following the Detroit Red Wings from the time I was 10 years old.

5. If I had unlimited resources, I would spend my time with German shepherd dogs - rescue, rehoming, training and playing.

6. I have thousands of CDs and over 35 gbs of music. I love almost every kind of music except Opera. (Sorry Opera fans).

And here are the rules:
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