Sunday, October 26, 2008


I followed fellow (fabulous) bloggers on their great trek to the 11th Annual Talent Management Summit. Jenn Barnes aka HR Wench, Laurie Ruettiman, HR Minion and Mark Stelzner each wrote and evaluated the conference. Having just attended our national conference for HR higher ed, I couldn't attend but it was fun to read about their individual and collective adventures.

What I find curious about conferences in general are the goodies, the give-aways and the promos. What at this year's national conference, in our major efforts to be stewardly with stuff, aka crap, I didn't pick up the normal handouts. In fact, I passed on everything including pens. I did however take a toothbrush from Delta Dental.

The 'bag' given at conferences can typically set a tone - is it a cool bag? Does it have an annoying logo? Does it zip? It's it too much back-packish? Is it user friendly? I hosted a state conference several years ago and was determined to find a cool bag with NO LOGO. I can't tell you how many people thanked me for finding such a cool bag, totally gender-neutral with no stupid logo.

This year's state conference, the bag was the best that I have ever seen. It is a bag that can be used for groceries, shopping and general carrying needs. I told my colleagues, 'brilliant!' The national conference had a mediocre bag but one that can be used for groceries too. Bags that have no post-conference value will be left on the table.


HR Minion said...

I got no goodie bag! Man, that sucks.

Laurie said...

Oh I did grab some crappy swag. Will post more later. :)