Monday, October 13, 2008

Conference Part deux

I am at the National CUPA conference, the conference for human resources professionals in higher education. I have noticed a number of interesting factoids, some because I am always trying to process something in my head and partially because I constantly look for ways to link things together. I have been particularly fixated on the program, the presentations and the topics. Normally, I can see what's for me a mile a way, but this conference has been different - I have really had a hard time finding my place.

For a national conference, there seem to be an unusually high number of presentations on leadership - concept of and development of, a number of managing a multi-generational workforce and all kinds of benefits administration.

In a Twitter exchange with @joegerstandt, I lamented that people seem to like to TALK about leadership, put leadership in cool fonts with fancy floating entrances in PowerPoint and ask for feedback,sharing ... but I want to SEE it. Touch it. Hear a story. Apply it. Leave with something tangible, that makes me think, gives me content to mull and results to savor. I heard a lot of ideas, recommendations and the ever popular lingo bingo 'best practices' (ok, side bar - if they are BEST, why are they still PRACTICE?)

The best of these conferences always, always involve people - people I meet, reconnect and catch up. And as always, that has been the best part of the program. Tomorrow, more talking heads and I don't mean David Byrne.

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