Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Conference time

It's conference time in my world. I had a state conference and next week, head to St Louis for the national conference. I am reeling from performance, coaching, mentoring, immigration, compensation and other topics du jour.

I have a couple funny thoughts and will have even more after next week.

I don't want a "seat at the table." I have a beautiful Ethan Allen dining room set and that works just fine. I prefer the company of my family and my dog. Other people can get their own table. And frankly, my company is better.

I don't want to listen to people whine about what they don't have. Perhaps people should WORK HARD and BE GRATEFUL FOR A JOB. I know employers don't pay for manicures, bikini waxes and snow tires, but that's what SALARY is for.

When the Department of Homeland Security says no, guess what? They mean NO. Not maybe-no, or sort-of no, they mean NO. As in nada, zero, zilch, nope. Don't ask me to interpret and really don't ask me to second guess DHS or ICE. I can't make this stuff up so I no longer even try.

I love people who have overcome great obstacles but *news flash* it doesn't make you a great speaker. Nuff said.

Next week, I will have more hilarity on current and emerging topics for Human Resource professionals. For now, I need to go spend time with my dog.

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