Sunday, November 16, 2008

What's in a party?

To say it's a tough economy is an understatement; to say it's a tough economy in Michigan a blinding flash of the obvious. As the automakers angle for more money from Congress, the people in Michigan - the employees, the auto parts suppliers, the tiers, the friends and families just wait. And it's right before the holidays.

It seems ironic that the time during which we should be thankful and celebrating, we are anxious, concerned and apprehensive for what has happened and what is yet to come. My husband's employer, GE, canceled their annual holiday party and it was the right call; shareholders should not be footing the bill for a party when budgets are being cut and investment returns aren't there. And, an increasing number of holiday celebrations have been canceled as well, not only in our area but across the country and the world. CNN Money is reporting a number of holiday parties have been scrapped.

Rather than celebrate, I would much rather take the money spent on a party, and support a local food pantry, shelter or assistance center. Food pantries are in need, people are in need and we can share.

So this holiday season, will you be having a holiday party?

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