Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Holiday parties of yore

Now that our collective Christmas work parties have been canceled, my husband and I had some time to reflect on a few memorable parties of yore. We had some good, some bad and some really, really ugly. Feel free at the end of the post to share yours!

The really, really ugly
Went to a holiday party, involving intoxicants. One manager decided to take off his pants since the clothing inhibited his dancing. (You know those events in life where you wonder what's going on? Those 'this really isn't happening' slo-mo kind of things. It's happens quickly.... it's a gag ...he's really got shorts on underneath his ... huh, no, he doesn't...) His friend took him home shortly after the episode that also included a brief attempt at break dancing. Boxers, in case you are wondering.

Said yes to an invitation by a manager who didn't want us spending the holidays alone. So we went to her house not knowing that she and her husband were divorcing and I got dragged, along with her children, to her mother's fifth husband's trailer. We spent two hours watching fifth husband open all his presents while the children got to sit at his feet in admiration. My poor husband got to spend those two hours helping her soon-to-be ex put together the kids' bikes. We never did eat that Christmas Eve; apparently dinner wasn't part of the package. (I learned from this - always tell people you have plans. Always.)

Spent one Christmas Eve on a boat, circling Newport Beach as part of a boat parade. When it got bad was the never-ending Disney song blasting in my ear, along with tennis elbow from having to wave at every passer-by. It was supposed to be a party for crying out loud - and I ended up with tinnitus and a very sore arm.

The good
When we were first married, and stationed on Guam, we had no money. We had to have some fun, so my husband and I invited all the single officers to dinner. We had a small, two bedroom apartment but we didn't care. Since we only had enough plates for six people, we have each guest bring a plate, utensils, a glass and a drink to share. We splurged on the turkey and fixings. We had so much fun with so little. It really was all about the company.

The bad?
A few, when my husband was deployed and not at home. But what we learned was that we could celebrate a holiday anytime, anywhere. We didn't have to wait for the designated day. If you are military, you understand this - and that was the best gift of all.

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