Thursday, December 11, 2008

An HR intervention needed

Here is a great Christmas story: A door-to-door salesman sells windows to a customer, promises 'employee discount' to a customer if the salesman installs the windows himself, cutting the business out of the profits.

Not surprisingly, salesman is not really a salesman at all, rather an ex-employee who has pocketed the $1800 from the unsuspecting buyer. The buyer is out the money because the ex-employee spent the money, "on um, other things." That's a quote.

Now shame on the buyer for trying to cut the business out of the deal. But the company in question, former employer, Hanson's didn't realize that the employee was a convicted felon AND a registered sex offender. They never did a background check. And when contacted by the local news for information, they didn't return calls.

Nice. They need an HR intervention. And now.

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