Monday, December 15, 2008


Working at a college, I have ample opportunity to speak to groups, classes, individual students and colleagues. I wonder at times if anyone in the room hears my voice, anyone other than me and perhaps the person inviting me to speak.

Today, I had a very unique and wonderful opportunity to have that ethereal question answered, at least for the moment. It was a very snow, blustery, miserable day. I was driving across campus with a colleague and saw a student trudging in the snow. I offered her a ride. She gladly accepted, seeing two seemingly harmless women in a big SUV. When I introduced myself her words stopped me cold.

She said, wow, I know you - you work in Human Resources. She continued, you came to our interim class two years ago. After listening to you talk about Human Resources and the kinds of things you do, I talked to my advisor, changed my major to from Psychology to Business and am really looking into Human Resources as an area to focus. And I REALLY love it.

I didn't quite know what to say. I had a brief moment where I hoped the Psych department didn't ask her why she switched majors. I managed to say that I was thrilled that she enjoyed the topic and invited her to come see our office, spend some time talking to us or just getting a view of our day. She was on her way to the library to study for finals. She thanked me for the ride and offer.

I don't expect gifts like this too often. But should I wonder if I have ever made a difference, here in this moment I made one, and I got to hear it with my own ears. Thank you for such a lovely gift.


Lisa said...

Awesome! There was a reason you were driving across campus at the exact time. You make a difference. Have a great day today.

Good_Witch said...

That is a gift, for sure! In HR, you need those and remind yourself on a day that isn't so great. Good for you!

HR Maven said...

Thanks for stopping by Good_Witch.