Saturday, December 20, 2008

What kind of help?

I grew up near Detroit and even after moving away, always kept up with the Motor City. Fast forward many years and I am back in Michigan. Still keeping tabs on Detroit. Now-a-days it is far worse than I could have ever imagined.

It's so bad, "Some of the offenders in jail don't want to be released; some who do get out promptly re-offend to head back where there's heat, health care and three meals a day. 'For the first time, I'm seeing guys make a conscious decision they'll be better off in prison than in the community, homeless and hungry,' said Joseph Williams of New Creations Community Outreach."

The article continues, "The jobless rate has climbed past 21 percent, the embattled school district just fired the superintendent, tens of thousands of homes and stores are derelict and abandoned, the ex-mayor is in jail for a text-messaging sex scandal."

There are references to the 'regions' - cities surrounding Detroit that aren't doing as poorly- needing to help Detroit with revenue sharing. I would be HARD PRESSED to share my money with the city until someone has a transparent plan of where that money is going. The city is in desperate need of a makeover, in more ways than one.

With unemployment over 20% and public high school dropout rates approaching 75%, this has a profound impact on our future. How in the world do you help a city in such a spiral? I look forward to the ideas and will continue to watch - can it climb out of this catastrophe?

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