Wednesday, December 17, 2008

What's in an address?

Letter from a reader.

I am in transition having lost my home to foreclosure and still looking for work. I have a number of resumes/applications out and wonder about two things. Should I follow up with the Human Resources department of each and let them know that I have moved? And thoughts on what I should do with the old resumes that I have sitting around with my old address? I don't have the resources to update them.

My response.
Dear reader,
First, I am sorry that there is such flux in your life. It must be an incredibly difficult and stressful time. And sadly, you are not alone.

Question 1, pre answer. I am going to assume that you have a new, if only temporary, address. If you are in transition for a while, I would encourage you to consider a few dollars for a PO Box - either at one of the many service centers or even the Post Office. You want to make sure that any mail can get to you.

As for applications pending, I would definitely contact the Human Resources or hiring office. It gives you an opportunity to check on the status of a position and reiterate your interest with a legitimate inquiry. You may be directed to a website that will allow you to update your address. Do not, during any inquiry, burden or saddle a potential employer with your tales of woe. Keep it upbeat and ask the process of updating your candidate information. That's it.

As for your resumes, I would consider checking in with the Employment Development offices (that's what they are called in Michigan - it may vary with your location). The EDD offices provide access to full job hunting resources including computers and printers. If this is simply not an option, make sure that your email and phone contact (cell, I am assuming) are up to date. I use that contact information as primary means of reaching candidates.

My best to you during this transition.

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