Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Wrong business?

I have been following the arrest of Illinois governor, Rod Blagojevich. Having lived in Chicago for a period of time, I still frequently enjoy watching thugs, mugs and hugs that go on in that city.

I began to think that perhaps I am in the wrong business. It never occurred to me to shake down a hiring manager for a little 'on the side' to get a position filled more quickly. Nor did I ever think to approach a candidate for some extra consideration to get a resume in front of a department or a golden recommendation. And I wasn't creative enough to require goodies from potential vendors during the RFP process.

Maybe that's why I am still a working stiff.


Hayli @ RiseSmart said...

And don't forget withholding state funds from the children's hospital in exchange for campaign contributions!

HR Maven said...

Thanks Hayli! I will add it to our list. ;)

Evil HR Lady said...

Man, politicians have all the good ideas. I simply do my job honestly. This explains why I am not wealthy either.

HR Maven said...

Yeah, honesty. Jeez. Sometimes it sucks to be good and honest.