Saturday, January 10, 2009

A matter of time

It was been a long week in many different ways. My previous post on finding jobs in Michigan generated other inquiries and requests for assistance. This pains me, watching the vibrancy and hope flicker in people I know and some I don't. This too shall pass, but it's a matter of time.

I put together some resource links for help during this time. If you do a Google search on help during financial crisis, you will get more than 1 million hits. If you type "Dave" in Google search, the first name to appear is Dave Ramsey.

I have two resources to that I share, worth a purview at least. The first is WiseBread, -living large on a small budget. It is one of the few sites to which I subscribe. Their postings are current and full of great ideas to help readers save and survive. Recently, Philip Brewer wrote on Organized Tips on getting through Tough Times. He posted a fabulous link to the University of Illinois Extension, an entire website Getting through Tough Financial Times. Pass this on to anyone you think could benefit. It is fantastic.

But as an HR professional, I realized that that we aren't doing anything for our employees. Are any of you offering information, counseling or resources during this time? To date, we haven't had anyone inquire, but that too might be a matter of time.


Kerry said...

When we laid off 1/3 of the employees at my last company (and another 1/3 later in the year), I put together a ton of job hunting tips for employees on our intranet. We also coordinated with other companies to offer job fairs, worked with the UI folks to offer sessions on how to file for unemployment, expedited reference requests, etc. There is no nice way to say goodbye to that many people, but some folks said it helped. It also helped us in HR feel like we were doing SOMETHING useful.

Michael VanDervort said...

McDonald's is offering a class to all its employees through a joint effort with Visa. It is interesting and I blogged about a couple of months ago.

Michael VanDervort said...

Bad link: sorry!

You cn find it here:

HR Maven said...

Kerry, it's nice that you provided resources during the transition.

Michael, thank you, I will add this to the list.