Saturday, January 24, 2009

What's it take?

My employer is hiring. We have several positions open and the resumes are coming it. And for no less than 2/3 of them, they will not be considered. When thinking about the economy and the dire straights in which many people find themselves, I am absolutely stunned at the quality of the materials being submitted. Shocked. Floored. Dismayed.

Shauna Moerke, aka the HR Minion, wrote a wonderful post on why resumes don't make it. She is right on. If you are applying for a job, read her post. I have a few things to add.

Please do not tell me the date and time that you are going to follow up. That's passe' and not necessary. I am so seldom at my desk that I will not remember that you are planning to call me.

I have a personal philosophy of returning every call and email. It is a reflection of my employer and my commitment to exceptional customer service. Most employers do not have this philosophy. However, please do not mistake this with personal interest in you, your application and your status. I am not your ally nor am I your advocate.

If we do chat, and later meet, consider the likelihood that I may not remember your phone inquiry. While you are 1 person remember your interactions, you are 1 of 100 phone calls that I will receive each week. My brain, most weeks, is full.

While so painfully arcane, you cannot expect to be seriously considered without a resume and cover letter. Period. And that just eliminated about 60% of the applicants. Seriously.

Remember that any position for which you apply will likely have a number of applicants. If you call our office and speak to one of us, please be respectful of our time. I don't need to hear your pitch and I am not interested in small, chit-chat conversation. I am busy. You will be notified when we start our screening.

Good luck.


Lisa said...

Tough week! Sometimes you really do have to wonder what people are thinking when they put applications together. When they ask why not hired, I almost want to invite them back and show them the application of the person who was hired so they can see.

HR Minion said...

I was stuck on a call with an applicant for 20 minutes after it became clear to both of us that her asking salary was too high. Dude, I have like 10 more people to get through. Great post!

Steve Boese said...

It really is a difficult situation all around, too many applicants chasing too few opportunities. In some ways I sympathize with the applicant (not the sloppy, unprepared one, but the 'under-qualified' one). For an out-of-work applicant, the marginal cost of applying for a job they have no business getting, is incredibly low, almost nothing. So I would think many candidates adopt the carpet bomb approach, thinking by blasting hundreds of resumes out, they will eventually get a hit. It is tough on the administrative side when process, regulations, etc. force you to spend time categorizing, responding, and eventually reporting on all these applicant. Just a crap situation all around. Great post, Maven.

HR Maven said...

Thanks for stopping by all.

Lisa, I was thinking about your post on feedback. Wouldn't it be wonderful if we could SHARE honest feedback?

Minion, 20 minutes is too long. Bet you were 'multitasking' on that call. :0

Steve, you are right - I see the carpet bomb approach a lot. And its work. Lots of it!