Saturday, March 14, 2009


There is so much change going around that my head spins. My work, our region, our state and our country. Change is happening. And what does it all mean? My friends at Merriam -Webster dictionary say it stems from Latin - cambiare - to exchange, probably of Celtic origin. To exchange. Curious.

So from change - meaning to exchange, could imply that if we give, we potentially get too. I think that I am living testimony to this.

While this may have very less meaning to some of you non-dog people (and I understand but stay with me) ... 18 months ago, I put to sleep my 14 year old German shepherd. I could best describe it as someone ripping out my heart while I was still alive. Never in my wildest dreams could I envision another dog but the great universe had other plans. And with her passing, opened our hearts and home to a dog who was languishing. And now he thrives. That is not change where I could see the roadmap of happiness a few miles down, but it was there.

Another change was working for a less-than-honest person while juggling two homes, school and travel. When we parted ways, my new position lead me to an amazing new job, incredible opportunities and wonderful people, many of them still dear friends to today. While the change was difficult, I am so grateful for how it transpired. I was on the big end of receiving on that exchange.

This blog started out as a venue for sharing random and curious work thoughts. A place to write about human resources kinds of stuff without cluttering my personal blog. This place in space, driven by change, has provided me with the opportunity to help many people in transition. Several people with whom I have been corresponding have found jobs. I am filled with deep gratitude to be able to help. Even if it is just a little bit. There are many more to help during this time of change. I am in it for the long haul. I am confident that change has value even if we can't see what's around the curve.


Steve Boese said...

Once again, another wonderful post Maven. You and the rest of the 'angels' are doing fantastic things and I applaud you for being so giving with your time and energy.

Robert said...

When we stop changing we stop living – life is not a straight line but a winding road – filled with beauty and peril but always worth the journey - great post!

PS I know exactly how you feel as we put our lab of 13 years down 17 months ago.

PSS If you are sure who Robert is ---- RHHR

HR Maven said...

Thanks friends for stopping by. I always appreciate comments.