Thursday, April 16, 2009

Lacking inspiration

I am all about change.  I love it, or I say I do and write I do.  For 22 years with my husband serving our US Navy, our lives were constant change - 14 moves in 20 years.  Seven years with him on the East Coast and me on the West Coast.  Yup, we could eat, drink and sleep change.  So finally settled these last couple of years in our home, great jobs and awesome community. And here comes change.  But this time, I am not ready.  

Our good neighbors are moving.  We adore them and will miss them terribly. 
Our good HR Generalist is leaving.  She is fantastic, the kind of person who sees things long before they happen.  I am tired just thinking about trying to find someone half as good as she is.  
Our good friend is moving.  Not too far away but far enough that it feels like forever away. 

I am seeing how change affects me personally and how it affects my colleagues. I am tired, uninspired and uninspiring and cranky.  We are all in need of a reboot.  And how we reboot is critical.  I haven't given myself the necessary reboot.  

I also had a chance to sit through committee interviews for a terrific position on campus.  We had an amazing committee of good listeners and great question-askers.  The best question came from one of our counselors in the counseling center.  His question is this:  What is your passion? What are you passionate about?   It's a great question for an interview and it's a great question for me.  

To reboot, I am going to pack up my passion and go take some pictures this weekend with fellow photographers.   No talking employee relations, no immigration problems, no payroll snafus, no FLSA.   Just my camera, my lenses, my memory, some good light and some great peeps.   Reboot people.  Find your passion.  


HR Good_Witch said...

I hear you, Maven.

Passion is a tricky thing, don't you think? I have a hard time having passion AND balance. I want both, but can't nail having both at the same time.

These days, my deep passions are all outside of work, which seems to make cultivating the passion at work less obvious.

Alternatively, when I've had passion at work, it's been at the expense of balance and having a life.

Oh well, it's a journey, right?

Like you, I'll be getting the camera out on the weekend. Can't wait!

Lisa Rosendahl said...

Have a relaxing, awesome, energizing, refreshing and picture-filled weekend. You deserve it.

Steve Boese said...

Super post, Maven, very thoughtful and insightful as usual. I hope you have a fantastic time recharging and re-energizing. It is these kinds of posts that set you apart.

Michael Krupa said...

Wonderful post as usual. Reboot -> Passion -> Reboot -> Passion. It's a great combination. Enjoy your photographer peeps and don't even think about us.