Sunday, May 3, 2009

Immigration Reform

With the new administration, we are being promised (or threatened) comprehensive immigration reform.   The  prefix im- modifies the meaning to produce a negative sense.  So if we remove the 'im', we are left with migration, the ability for people to travel and live where they wish.  What a revolutionary thought. How cool.  How easy.  But no one will buy this - not the Democrats, not the Republicans, not the apathetics, not the US, really not the EU and not the world.    
What's so hard about this?  Why do we guard our borders?  US jobs are leaving, illegal immigrants provide incredible infrastructure, according to some of our leaders, but then legal immigration has some of the same politicians seething. Legal immigrants provide similar, valuable services.  Why the division in thought?  Why do legal immigrants take the brunt of criticism but illegal immigrants invoke need for reform?
Get it together leaders.  More paperwork, more labor market testing, more Department of Labor investigations and more comprehensive fines - more of the SAME is NOT GOING TO SOLVE THIS PROBLEM.  
As long as we continue to talk around the issues, we will continue to live with this mess. 

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