Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Groovy Resources

Along with all the information available on job hunting, one of the best opportunities going is my favorite radio show, HR Happy Hour on Blog Talk Radio. Where else on the web can you call in and talk to some of the best and brightest HR people around? Well, nowhere. Have questions? Need answers? You need to be listening.

Kudos to founder Steve Boese and co-host Shauna Moerke for an incredible show. Mosey on over to Steve's site for an outline of up-and-coming shows. I'll be there!


Steve Boese said...

Maven - thanks so much for posting about the little radio show. We try to have some fun, and also to have some great guests (like yourself) share their insights. We really need to set up a dedicated show for job seekers, (resume advice, networking, etc.) and I hope that once I set it up, you can come back on the show.
You are the best!

HR Minion said...

Thanks so much! We always love having you on!