Thursday, July 30, 2009


Are you suffering with talent attraction because of your location? I have been hearing from friends in local businesses that attracting people to Michigan is a challenge - potential employees concerned about job security, jobs for spouses and children, housing values and resale, among other general issues with relocation.

For those who are willing to move, some of the requests - guarantees/contracts for employment, money for selling homes and loans to buy locally while old homes sit -have become cost prohibitive for some employers. I realize the employment is high but for some of the specialty occupations, the right person can make all the difference. And what if they won't come?

Would you move to Michigan? Would you move anywhere right now? Or are you sitting put waiting this out?


Steve Boese said...

A really tough bind lots of job seekers are likely in is the squeeze of the real estate market combined with the job market. They may be willing to relocate for work, but are trapped with a home that they either can't sell, or could only sell for such a low amount the financial impact would be too severe. Personally, I hope more and more jobs move towards a virtual setup where possible, making these issues less worrisome. Great questions.

Mary Jo Asmus, President, Aspire Collaborative Services LLC said...

Deirdre, I am a fellow West Michiganian (Kalamazoo). I'd just like to make the point that our side of the state seems to be faring a bit better than the East side (where the auto industry is concentrated). Yes, things aren't great here, but we have new jobs in the works (by the thousands, actually) that have been slowed down by the recession. And of course, Kalamazoo has the Promise (every graduating HS student receives a full four-year scholarship to college).

So, I hope that what is going on in the rest of Michigan doesn't stop people from at least checking things out here.

Deirdre HR Maven said...

Steve, thanks for your note.

Mary Jo, thanks for stopping by! I love this state and wish we weren't in such dire straights. You make great points and I need to highlight them as well!