Thursday, August 20, 2009

Hire remorse

Great question from the email bag:

Three months ago, the hiring committee all agreed on a specific candidate for the job. They used behavioral interview questions and had 2 separate interviews. Upon reflection, most of the hiring team now regrets hiring the candidate and wished they had gone w/ #2. What is a good way of reviewing the hiring decision and putting together a “lessons learned”?

My answer:

It's relatively informal, mostly discussion. We look at the candidate's qualifications, the job description, the interview notes, the reference checks and look for patterns. Many of the 'patterns' we see post hire were there pre-hire but because of candidate infatuation, urgency to fill, weak secondary candidates, etc, the committee(s) moved ahead with the hire.

What other information could you offer? How do you evaluate a failed fill?

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Steve Boese said...

I think your answer makes sense, and I would not change any of your recommendations. One addition would be to assess the actual composition of the search committee. Did they truly possess the necessary background and insights as to the position requirements and cultural fit to make the best judgment? In sports, too many 'misses' on draft day gets the GM fired, in hiring, too many bad hires by the same group of folks may mean some kind of shakeup is in order. Reach out to other parts of the organization for the hiring team, include a new hire once in a while (no one I know ever does this), and be open to question the process. Great stuff as usual Maven.