Friday, September 11, 2009

It's HR Carnival coming soon!

Let's make this a 'back to school' extravaganza! What new and exciting things are you doing with your colleagues? Looking for ways to energize staff who are already thinking Christmas Vacation? Would LOVE your posts on ways to liven it up, straighten things out and/or make it fun.

I have some wonderful submissions already (thanks Steve and Ben) and looking for great things from Trish, Jennifer and Mary Jo.

Join a good group! Send me your submissions to and I will get it posted on 9/16/09.


HR Minion said...

Yay! I love theme Carnivals!

Vishveshwar Jatain said...

How do I always get HR Minion and HR Maven mixed up? Maybe because they're phonetically similar! Deirdre, my apologies for opening the submission mail with "Dear Shauna" :D

Lisa Rosendahl said...

A theme . . .let me think about this one! Hey, when did you change your tag line? I've got to get out of Google Reader and to actual sites more often:)Good morning.

Deirdre said...

hey all! thanks for stopping by - I love themes too and VJ, it's a compliment to confuse me with Shauna!

Lisa, I think it's been a while. I am always playing with my layout and stuff.