Tuesday, September 8, 2009

What's new?

Some days I wish that I could just go to work with my Twitter friends. Really so many cool things going on.

Where else can you read about world's colliding? Check out Steve's last post here.

Lisa is looking for a new name for her blog. Can you help her out? Click to vote.

Want to read great stories from the front? Don't miss Ask A Manager. LOVE this.

And you never, ever, ever want to miss what Laurie writes. Never.

Oh and read our interview in the latest edition of University Business. Nice work Carol!

I have been on vacation so I have a lot of catching up to do! Let me know if there are places you don't miss.


Lisa Rosendahl said...

Welcome back!

Steve Boese said...

Thanks for mentioning my little post about Facebook. It was really cool to see the University Business piece as well, I thought it came out great. And as Lisa said - Welcome Back!

Laurie said...

Welcome back. I used to dread the day after Labor Day. Distracted parents + new schedules = drama & chaos in the office. It's a short week for good reason: life has been disrupted!

Deirdre said...

Thanks Lisa and Steve for your comments.

Laurie, I ALWAYS take the week after Labor Day off to avoid drama and chaos. )

adowling said...

If we could go to work with our Twitter friends, we'd spend all day talking about new and adventurous ideas. It'd be a blast though!

Deirdre said...

Wouldn't it April? I would love it.