Friday, October 2, 2009


Having recently hosted the HR Carnival, I jotted down some notes during the process with the intent of sharing them once I finished the post. Yeah, that was two weeks ago. Life interrupted with some normal chaos, but at least I am getting around to it.

You should READ the HR Carnival posts. People in the HR blog-o-sphere WRITE GREAT STUFF. Seriously.

The people who host these carnivals do a boatload of work. I read each submission - which is how I knew how GOOD each one was- and then wrote a brief description. I started the Sunday before my Carnival was posted and put a good 3 hours into reading and organizing it. Now before you start playing little violins for me, I am not complaining, I'm just saying. :) Appreciate the hosts, too.

And if you copy and paste on to your blog another's Carnival posts, reference the writer. No stealin' others work for your gain, please.

I can't figure out who is working in HR giving us a bad name. These people who write and participate on FB, LI, Twitter and HR Carnivals are kick-ass, get down, take no names kind of HR people. I would work with these people any day. These are people who built their own table - didn't wait for a stinkin' invite.

Lastly, the person keeping the show running needs a BIG round of applause, fist bumps, w00ts and hurrahs - Shawna Moerke a/k/a the HR Minion. Kudos to you friend. Not only are you an awesome blogger, you are an organizational guru. Many thanks.


HR Minion said...

Aww, thanks so much!! I know I call myself the Ringmistress and all, but the real hard workers are you and the other awesome hosts! I really appreciate your support! :)

Steve Boese said...

Agree with you 1000%, the Carnivals are really fantastic, take a lot of hard work to compile, and do a great job bringing together a fantastic collection of talent and insight. Shauna does an awesome job keeping it all together and she does not get nearly enough props. And she deserves them!