Monday, December 7, 2009

Holiday Angst

Everyone is writing about the holidays - issues, problems, angst. EVERYONE. And since they are, I need to too.  So here are my holiday ho-ho-hos.  

1.  If you really want to save money, I mean really, quit sending those crappy generic holiday cards, purchased online with fake signatures and a mailing label that has my name spelled wrong (now there is a surprise) and a title from like four years ago. 

2.  If you feel compelled to email one of those wretched holiday letters - seriously, we are in business - but if you do it anyway, do not put everyone in the "TO" field.   Really.  I feel somewhat obligated to reply to you (and your 750 friends) that your email protocol is about 15 years out of sync.   And that kills the holiday spirit for me.  

3.  Please don't send gifts.  I don't want something with 85% packaging that adds to landfill and artificial candy that adds empty calories.   Send something to help hurting people and animals.  I will think so much more of you than something you offload to your over worked, under paid assistant.  

4.  If you really want to do something nice, call me up and wish me Merry Christmas and thank me for the business.  I work for an institution that celebrates the Christian holiday.  You should know that.  

Now I will enjoy the holidays.  You should too.  

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