Thursday, December 3, 2009

Tis the season

Last night, I was watching Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer. It is quite possible that I need a change of careers. Instead of enjoying the story, the lessons, the animation - I was thinking this:

Donner is working and training the young bucks and says that he wants to be their pal. That's never good leadership. Who wants to work for a pal? I worked with a friend once and that was a train wreck.
What kind of workers compensation covers the working elves?
Are the elves represented? Working night and day is never a good thing if it doesn't involve overtime.
Hermey is practicing dentistry without a license. Ask my friend, Lisa. Credentials are a BIG deal.
Bumble wants a job (putting the star on the Christmas tree). Who did his I9? That's really a specialty occupation, needed once a year. Thanks to Hermey, has no teeth in the north pole without much natural vegetation, how is the dude going to eat?

I got a good chuckle with this stuff but REALLY I need to be able to turn this off at some point.


Laurie said...

I know exactly what you mean. Start dreaming about HR, too, and it's time to go.

Lisa Rosendahl said...

You are a hoot! Thanks for the mention. Now, empty your mind, grab a cup of hot chocolate and go sit by your fire and instead of dreaming of the land of lost toys, dream of your cabin.

Michael Krupa said...

OMG. You are too funny. I hope you did not make poor Paul sit through your examination of the show. I can't wait to apply your HR thinking to Family Guy.

Deirdre said...

thanks for you fun comments. Michael, poor Paul had to listen to my funning commentary. At some point, he asked me to please stop - I was ruining the show for him. :)