Saturday, January 23, 2010

Job descriptions

This is odd, coming from the likes of me.  I don't like job descriptions.  I never have.  If I could rewrite my job description, it would simply say, "get the work done." Period.   But I have to know what work I need to get done, so job descriptions have an initial value, plus the keep us in HR in business.  It isn't exciting or sexy, it's administrative.  And I am always looking for ways to alleviate high administrative work.  That's why I love the DOL and all their free resources.  :)  

I recently helped a small company revamp job descriptions.  The best format or template that I like and recommend is O*net.  It gives a nice overview of jobs - including KSAs, work styles, tools and technology, work context and values.   It also has a terrific toolkit for businesses.  All free.

If you need to update your position descriptions or overhaul completely, this is simply one of the best resources available.   Happy Writing.


Mary Jo Asmus said...

I've always thought that my job description (no matter what position I was in) should read "Must work your way out of this job". Think about it - most of the professional jobs out there are like that - meant to solve something, give something, prepare something. At some point (theoretically) your job is done. If we take that philosophy, we should be working at our peak.

Deirdre said...

Mary Jo, this made me chuckle. I think I could work my way out of everything but immigration. :) Thanks for stopping by.