Monday, February 1, 2010

Reclaim your brain

It was as if someone read what was left in my brain when they sent the announcement via snail mail.  Reclaim Your Brain, the flyer read.  Oh if they only knew how relevant those words were to me!  For the last several months, I was not sure which way to turn on professional development.  I am content with my level of education, happy with the SPHR certification and love what I do.  I can always do more as it's in my nature to push and explore.  I thought that my brain was atrophying.  I tumbled around thoughts about more education and certifications, night school and weekend classes.  I explored and read and then, I stopped.  I thought about what I really needed versus really wanted.  And I came up with a brilliant plan.  

It is difficult for me to stay focused on just one thing.  Knowing this about myself,  I wrote out 5 areas that I wanted to continuously develop. With my notes, I wrote a customized plan.  More holistic, less of a checklist, broader and not just focused on an outcome.  And for a goal-oriented, command strength, get-it-done achiever,  no outcome was a real stretch for me.    

My development plan 
-In work, I identified one area to grow.  One area with intentional focus and reading, I can improve how I work with my colleagues.  And it benefits all areas of my work.      
-In community, I identified one unique space in which to contribute.  Smaller than what I have done previously but a good area and one that will help me from over-committing and under-delivering.  
-At home, I identified a particular area of my relationship to cultivate.  In my particular case, I have promised to cook one meal a night.  This may strike you as odd or even funny but if know me, you know my husband does all the cooking.  I am trying to learn to enjoy something he loves.  
-Individually, I identified one particular hobby that connects me with the world.  I work to improve and share my hobby with my friends.  Classes, meet ups and fun.  
-Globally, I work to be a better friend and citizen.  I have committed to help a friend run for state representative and seek ways to stay in touch with friends - offline!  

This approach has worked for me.  I keep a journal of success,  ask for feedback when appropriate, course correct when needed, just enough to keep me on track.  There really isn't an outcome per se, but for the time, this plan has satisfied the yearning for continuous learning.  

How do you take care of you?  


Michael Krupa said...

I love your development plan. I'm not sure how I take care of me but after reading your post, I think I need to go do some thinking and come up with a development plan of my own. By the way, I assume you meant to say "I have promised to cook one meal a week" and not one meal a night. I don't think Paul is ready to turn over the cooking duties to you just yet. :)

Deirdre said...

You are right. I should change it. But then maybe people will think I cook. :)

Michael Krupa said...

Good point. I suggest leaving the post as is. #goodgravy

Anonymous said...

Great post! I want to make a development plan for me.