Saturday, March 13, 2010

Keeping up or falling off?

I recently attended my local SHRM chapter meeting. After years of involvement in other organizations, I decided to give this group a try.  It's local, no travel. Cost is low and I get credits for it.  At the March meeting, I found myself at the table with a few members of the leadership.  There were 10 people at our table and  because I simply can't help myself, here are the stats. Not counting me, there was no one using Twitter.  No one.  Two people using FB and two people using LI.  And if body language was any indicator, they aren't robust users.  No one had heard of Google Buzz or Wave.  No bloggers.  No FB fans.  Nothing.  

I was sharing my findings via Twitter with @JoanGinsberg and @SteveMGHarrison.  Both reported similar findings in their local SHRM chapters- a real lack of understanding and involvement in many of these tools. (Joan wrote a wonderful post about  it on her blog). I am quite sure that I was the only person in the room tweeting cool COBRA content.  

Back to my chapter meeting. I inquired about speakers for the year. Great topics on the calendar -employee relations, benefits, COBRA.  Good stuff. But no one is scheduled to talk about SoMe this year.  In fact the person putting together the agenda actually said that she didn't have time to learn this stuff. I recounted a story of a candidate I interviewed for a job. I asked her if she needed a copy of the job description.  Her response?  No, I have a copy on my phone.  

Whether you want to or not, this stuff is here to stay.  You can't afford NOT to learn it.  


Lisa Rosendahl said...

I am attending a local chapter meeting Thursday (one of my first in a looong time) - will let you know what I see there.

Joan Ginsberg said...

Thanks for the props, Dee! You already KNOW my feelings - we have to try to DO something about this.

I also heard some members cry at my last meeting that Grand Rapids was now larger than the Detroit chapter. I kept thinking to myself - with this kind of ostrich-in-the-sand mentality, are you really SURPRISED?

I hear a battle cry . . .

roolvoel said...

AMEN - my chapter has over 200 members. A fairly decent amount use Linked In and belong to our chapter LI group, however not using LI in all it's robustness. There are 5 chapter members on twitter (albeit at varying levels of involvement), and a handful read blogs, usually because I've turned them on to a specific post at one time or another.

But - no one wants to discuss SoMe. Except to have an employment attorney come and give us the "Be Afraid" talk.