Friday, March 19, 2010

Training and Development

As much as I love photography, I never put pictures up in this blog.  I have two other blogs plus thousands of images in Picasa and Flickr with which to assault people; the exception of course is the picture I took of Big Mac at the top of the page.  

Today is different. We are in training with @thedogsamson.  To be clear, we are the ones in training; Samson knows perfectly well how to be a dog. We are learning to be be better humans. We have done this training before with moderate success.  The last time we were in training, I took my camera.  I have lots of shots of Samson trying heel, Samson working on recall, Samson being distracted.  Upon reflection of our time in trying, my role was really just documentation; I never fully committed.  

This  time is different.  Cameras stay home.  I am fully committed and invested to do my part, pay attention and work with Samson.  We work together on our taskings.  When he missses, it's MY fault.   He can only deliver when he understands exactly what I want him to do.  When he missses, I must examine where I am failing - by sending wrong or conflicting messages, not clear in my instructions, where I am confusing him.  That's humbling.  Really. Because Samson is a very, very smart dog.  His mistake is my fault. This time, I own it.  
Samson in the snow
The success we are achieving is a direct result of my investment, not just my observation from the side or through the lens; it is because of the the value that I place on our time together.  You can draw your own dotted lines, connecting thoughts and final conclusions.  There are plenty. Invest. Commit. Focus. Intention. Sharing. We know it.  Sometimes we just need a reminder.  Mine is furry with a sweet face.  Happy Friday.  


michael said...

Deirdre, first I wish I had a cool name like you do but I don't think Deidre is a great replacement for Mike so I'll stick w/ what I have.

This is such a wonderful piece. I have been working for 20 years to have managers understand their responsibility for the outcomes of their reports and you have nailed it in one brief column better than I ever have.

Honestly, I don't see anyway for this message to really sink in until managers confront the fear they have of their reports. If you see them as extensions of yourself rather than forces that can lead to your downfall you at least have a running start.

Thanks, I grew up in Lansing and have a sister living in GR at this time, wonderful town.


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Deirdre said...

Michael, thanks for stopping by! My beautiful dog Samson gives me so much - content for blogs and beauty in pictures. Glad you enjoyed it. And GR is a terrific place to live!

OnClick - thanks for your brief and powerful comment. You are right. We are all responsible.