Saturday, April 3, 2010

It's not rocket science

If the materials that I am seeing - both across my desk and in my volunteer work- I am not helping or reaching the people who need it.  

Some job seekers are not reading blogs that could be extremely valuable in writing and updating application materials.    
Some job seekers are not on Twitter following the people who could be extremely valuable in the job search. 
Some job seekers are not LinkedIn and are not reaping the benefits of networking.  

How do I know this?  I am seeing it in the flesh.  Well, not really, the electronic flesh.  Some of the resumes and cover letters that I see are not good -wretchedly not good at all; and if a candidate stumbled upon and read any of the people or places in my HR networks, chances are good that their materials would not look like they do.   

Part of my current strategy and mission is to spread the word, making Social Media and Networking for beginners as underwhelming as possible.  As I continue to work with job seekers, friends and colleagues who are not utilizing the tools, they get my SoMe SoNet primer, the must-haves in 30 minutes.

GMail account for the job search
Info on Google Reader, Voice, Docs and Alerts 
How to set up RSS 
Great websites to follow
A LI and Twitter account (FB is optional) 
The A list of who to follow on Twitter 
Quick links to LI rules 
Overview of LI groups 
How to tie it all together

I promise that initial investment is 30 minutes.  Check email.  Scan the Google reader for updates from Twitter, LI and  blogs.  Combine with in-person networking.  Additional ideas are so welcome! 


Laurie said...

Two things:

- This is an awesome list.
- I wonder how helpful it would be to walk through some of this stuff in future classes. "Thirty minutes to mastering Twitter." "Thirty minutes to setting up Facebook and making sure pervy ex-boyfriends don't find you."

I dunno. I think people see Twitter and FB and think their identities will be stolen and their lives will be flashed all over YouTube.

Deirdre said...

Thanks Laurie, that's a great idea. I agree with the FB thing which is why I make it optional. Some people have the hardest time setting up the privacy settings.

A tiered approach would be excellent. I will add it.