Saturday, May 15, 2010

Hearing aids

I was talking with a colleague recently, someone who works in HR and was having a problem.  I normally have to offer my two cents on a situation, I can't help it.  After listening to her dilemma, I asked if she had thought of another approach.  Yes, she said.  I have already thought of everything.  

That gave me pause.  It isn't possible.  We can't think of everything.  That's why in school we are forced into those dreaded team projects.  And while awful, team work is a major staple of the rest of our lives. We sometimes live in teams (oh yay) and work in teams.  We can't do everything all by ourselves.  Input is important.  

I wonder how much I miss because I think I have examined every angle, thought of every possibility, explored all options.  That conversation was a good cattle prod poke reminder to listen more. Listen to hear another point of view, another option - not just to affirm what I already think I know.  

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