Thursday, May 13, 2010

Worst job ever?

Over one of our dinners at #HRevolution, we got talking about our worst jobs ever.  I shared a story of perhaps my worst moment.  I worked in a dry cleaners through high school and college.  Great hours, very flexible, tons of locations - I could work as much or as little as I wanted or needed.  But it was hard work.  

We had all kinds of fascinating experiences.  The best, or worst, was the woman who brought in a large trash bag filled with sleeping bags.  She set it down and announced to the lobby to no one in particular, these are my kids' sleeping bags.  They all came home from camp with lice.  So there are probably lice here, too. Can you get rid of the lice?  

We all froze. No one said a word. I was thinking, sure we can get rid of the lice if you pick up the bags and walk out.  But I didn't.  Even then, I was the consummate professional (ha) and told her to just leave the bag on the floor. We will take care of it.  

We made our driver take the bag.  I called the department of health.  

Then there is the cocaine story.  But that's another post.  Care to share your worst job ever?  


Julie Walraven said...

I don't know that it was my worst job ever, although it was the catalyst that eventually led me to the career field. Your story reminded me of the 5 years we spent running HUD housing. I live in Wausau WI and I was a whole 25 years old then.

I could tell many stories about that job (including a murder, cocaine, other drugs...etc) but thinking about cleaning up one apartment where the woman disappeared and we realized that she let the children go "potty" wherever they wanted. We had the carpet professionally cleaned, then pulled the carpet, sealed the floor, and still had residual smell. (and she also left bologna in a bag on the landing of the townhouse....) Thanks!

Bonita Martin said...

My first job out of college was a manager trainee in a lab that made glasses. There was no training, despite the chemicals and cost of the materials being used. I had been playing with metal alloy for a few days before someone told me that you should never handle it without gloves one. Nice. I resigned that day.

Kimba said...

My worst job was cleaning up crime scenes. Only lasted a few months & don't want it on my resume. Still can't watch those CSI shows because I only think about cleaning up the mess and how it smells.

Steve Boese said...

I have been lucky I guess. I have not had a 'worst' job in the classic sense. My most interesting job was as a grounds keeper in a cemetery. We had to prepare for the grave side services and then clean up afterwards and from time to time some mourners just would not want to leave. We had to wait patiently off to the side as long as necessary until they went home. It was an interesting, if sort of sad, kind of a job.

Deirdre said...

Julie, what a wild job. Sounds like Mike Rowe could highlight that for Dirty Jobs!

Bonita, I wonder if there are any residual issues with that....!

Kimba, I can't even imagine. I wouldn't put it on my resume either.

Steve, I had never even thought of that - having to wait until everyone leaves. That could be long, wet and cold.

Thanks for sharing your stories.

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