Friday, October 29, 2010

What makes work fun

Most days, I get to spend my life working in the daily grind of HR-related issues. Employment, comp questions, employee questions, phone calls, interviews, meetings - stuff like that.

At the beginning of the week, I got to spend an hour listening to more lawyers with wrong social media stats scare the tar out of an audience.  Using words like reckless, discoverable, risk, etc.  Avoiding the really important part of WHAT social media can do for companies, businesses, schools and yes, college graduates.  

But every so often, I get to do something really fun.  Amazing.  Like today. 

Today, I am going to spend one hour talking about social networking and social media.  All of it.  Everything from Google Profiles to Twitter lists to LInkedIn for Grads.  It's not enough time but at least I can bring a little fun and enthusiasm to the topic.   No scare tactics.  No words like risk or lawsuits or defamation.   Just great ways to use the tools already out there.  

Happy Friday! 


Jim aka Evil Skippy at Work said...

You have the right attitude. Lawyers (I am a refugee from that career) have a tendency to focus on scare tactics. It helps build their business because people sign up for their seminars and then engage them for consulting at crazy billable rates. Some of the scares are necessary -- there are lots of laws that can trip employers. However, most attorneys fail to focus on the positive and the productive. Social media resources will be part of future litigation -- no doubt about it. But so were telephones, computers and cameras in their day. Your focus on the fun is definitely the way to go. Learn about the risks, and then dive in! Thanks for another great post. (Social media was a topic on my blog today BTW).

Deirdre said...

Thanks for stopping by Jim! And I am glad that you are a refuge. :) Appreciate your comments and thoughts.

The Graduate said...

It's a shame that employers seem to be so preoccupied with the negative implications - and applications - of social media that they overlook the opporunity that it presents to engage with their employees. We wrote a piece on exactly this tendency not so long ago, if you're interested you can read it here:

Thanks for the post!