Tuesday, November 16, 2010

A little bit on careers

Recently, I had the opportunity to respond to a candidate's inquiry. She called to follow up on a position for which she wasn't considered and asked for feedback. Unfortunately, during the conversation, she became angry and combative, challenging the information being shared. She even swore.

Bad idea.

Because at that moment in time, I had another position vacant and we were looking for short term coverage. Her skill set would have transitioned perfectly. But not her attitude. She has no idea that those few moments of taking out her frustration on me cost her the opportunity of a position.

We had another position open, and over the course of the week, interviewed several candidates. Many of the candidates had the right skill set for the job ... but for one reason or another, not the right chemistry with the people and the department. Our final candidate was a recent college grad with no experience in the field. He did come in with enthusiasm and interest, a signficant amount of research and a training plan on how he would get up to speed on the job.

He got the job.

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