Saturday, January 1, 2011


Being a fan of LinkedIn for a multitude of reasons, I almost always am willing to connect with other professionals, even if they exist peripherally in my network.  To me, that's the benefit of LinkedIn. 

I had two experiences recently that to me demonstrate the best and the not-so-best of using LinkedIn to network. 

Scenario 1.  I had a recruiter contact me about a position at a local company.  She is not local and is trying to connect with HR professionals in the area.  I share the position through my contacts and respond with some additional (local) resources that an out-of-area recruiter may or may not know.  While this took me all of 30 seconds to do, didn't hear a peep.  Not a response.  Not a thank you.  Nothing.  

Scenario 2.  I had an HR professional from another state connect with me on LI and asked me to share an HR position.  My response was the same - shared it broadly with my network of friends and connections and made some additional recommendations to him on great local (free) resources for networking.  And received a very nice thank you note.  

That's all.  If you have someone who does a little above and beyond, say thanks.  It's not hard. 

Let's make 2011 of gratitude and appreciation.  

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