Monday, January 24, 2011

Social Media Experts

Everyone's an expert.  It's annoying.  

I enjoy making fun of these so-called experts. They annoy me for obvious, and not so obvious, reasons. Recently, we received a mailing (yup, snail mail) from an outfit called SME. Social Media Energy.  

So get this.  The envelope?  It's handwritten and oh, to the wrong person at the wrong college.  It's priceless. It has the requisite Blogger, LinkedIn, Twitter and FB logos on the envelope.  When we opened it up, the business card had a phone number and email address.  No FB fan page.  No LinkedIn profile.  No follow me on  Twitter.  Nothing Social Media.  Nothing Social Networking.  

And the insert - which was sort of a letter/memo - was handwritten in the quite possibly the worst handwriting that I have ever seen.    But they are ready to help our business grow.   Awesome.  

Too bad we aren't a business.  

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