Sunday, February 27, 2011

Being vs Doing

In my mind, I know that I am a human being;  most days, I feel like a human doing.  I know this isn't an original thought but since I can't find a reference, suffice it to say that someone smarter wrote it first.  But I love the concept.

Human being to me involves opportunities to think, reflect and noodle.  In order to do that, I have to go somewhere else, anywhere else other than my house.  When I try to be, this is what happens.

I sit down with no technology and look at the yard.  When I look down, I see dog hair.  That reminds me to check Samson's water.  While walking to the kitchen, I see the coffee pot didn't get loaded in the dishwasher.  Looking over, the dishwasher is done and needs to be emptied.  But the dishes are too hot so while they cool, I can quick a minute put the wet clothes in the dryer and iron my last shirt.  While the iron is heating, I can fold a couple socks ... and you see that I am no longer being, I am back to doing.  And am very far from my simple desire to simply be.  

There are moments where I chide myself - do you need to be DOING this, I ask?  Probably not but soon enough I get sucked into an act of doing - a dirty glass, a misplaced magazine, a blanket needing folding.  Scheduling being into a doing calendar works marginally for me.  I have Sunday afternoons to be - coexisting with the dog hair, the dirty dishes and unfolded laundry.  Sometimes it works and other times not so much.  But my heart and mind feel better after time of wandering and wondering.  If you have other ideas for permission to do nothing, please share.  

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