Sunday, February 6, 2011

To help or not to help

That is my question.  Here is the situation that came up a few weeks ago;  I let it settle a bit to reflect and now, to share.

An acquaintance of mine (not quite a friend but more than a stranger) came to me with a question.  She was doing some consulting work for a company and had a few questions.  She is more finance/money than HR and her gig expanded a bit, outside her area of expertise.  Here is where it got curious.  She was being paid for the work, rightfully so, and asked me to assist her with the HR stuff.  She couldn't "pay" me but she offered to reciprocate if/when I need finance help.  So my question to her was ... your work is worthy of pay but my time and expertise isn't?  

I don't do a lot of consulting nor do I need finance help.  Ever. I passed, saying that all my free and volunteer time was allocated for the foreseeable future.    I referred her to LinkedIn answers for help.  Curious that her work was worthy ... but mine wasn't.

Um, no thanks. 


Ask a Manager said...

Wow. I would have handled it the same way. That's a pretty audacious request.

Deirdre said...

I thought so too. I did get an email from someone who thought referring to the person to LinkedIn was above and beyond but oh well. :)

People are funny.