Sunday, February 13, 2011

Why I sometimes pay more

I have a little problem with photography. Maybe a big problem. And it's really problem with equipment. I like it and it all costs a lot of money.
There is a fabulous local camera shop in Grand Rapids and sometimes I just like to go in the store. Some thoughts of learning by proximity and osmosis; mostly just listening to the sales people helping the shoppers by answering a plethora of questions, over and over.  (Their collective patience is amazing.  Some of the questions they get are doozies).

I was there on Saturday and was talking to one of my favorite sales staff. I mentioned interest in a lens and he spent 5 minutes talking me through options, and why I didn't want to spend $1800; rather I could get amazing results with $600. Seriously. I bought a small lens (about $200) and came home and did some research  on his other recommendations. In his store, the recommended lens is about $50 more than the online stores. When I buy the lens, I will happily pay that extra money to shop local, to keep these great people in business and have access to a wealth of knowledge and assistance by just walking in the door.

What does this have to do with HR? Nothing, really  I could make something up like integrity of appreciating talent, investing in community, taking care of each other.  All true.  But mostly,  I just needed an excuse to write about photography.

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