Sunday, June 19, 2011

Workplace Systems

Recently I spent the week at a glorious resort in Oscoda, Michgan.  While enjoying the surrounds, I wandered down to the Tawas Point State Park, a delightful park situated on Michigan's version of Cape Cod.

In my wanderings, I saw this:
From Tawas Fun

I can't help it.  My mind immediately goes to the workplace.  And in the 3-5 seconds it takes my mind to translate what I am seeing, I have already devised a workplace product, designing flags for each office, cubicle and desk, alerting bosses, colleagues and visitors of the "office" condition.

From Tawas Fun

Miscommunication happens - between colleagues, supervisors, and leadership.  Improving employee and asset management is one of the best ways of cultivating talent and using it effectively. Improvements may take time and effort, including education -education (in traditional or online classes). That said, pairing hands-on experience at the office and continuing education is one step in helping to eliminate misunderstandings, accelerate career growth and streamline the company.

Today's condition?  Green.  All good.  Let's see what tomorrow brings. It is, after all, Monday.

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