Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Fringe benefits

I love what I do at work.  I get to handle HR stuff for the college, work with great people, think big thoughts, connect with people who can help me put thoughts into action, and most days, just down-right enjoy my work.  99% of the time. Then there is immigration and that's why I have a fabulous lawyer.  Maybe the best ever.

That's a digression.

Then there are the fringe benefits. Tomorrow is Streetfest at Calvin.  Freshmen head out into the community and do great things for the day.  It has nothing to do with HR work.  Nothing except that I get to take my camera and head out to Streetfest sites and take pictures of our students, mentors and leaders in action.

As part of my job.  I get to go take pictures for work.  How cool is that?

Regularly scheduled HR programming with resume after photo editing of the Streetfest extravaganza.

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