Saturday, August 20, 2011

What's wrong with this company?

Lots. You won't believe this story.  If I didn't know the person, I wouldn't believe this story.  It's a head shaker, for sure.

I was contacted by someone who works outside my organization, asking for some career advice.  I met her for coffee and brought along a copy of her resume to review, offer some tips, perhaps talk about job seeking.  She has what could be viewed as a very nice job now;  she has been in her current roll for about five years and is ready for something different.

I asked her about her current employer.  They are a large area employer with several locations. Seems there would be lots of opportunity and availability to move up the ladder.  Or at least try another ladder.  Before looking externally, I suggested that she look internally. And I asked her about opportunities for promotion.  What she said stunned me.  She didn't know.

I thought my hearing failed me. Not only did she not know what opportunities there were within the company, she wasn't ALLOWED to know because she wasn't a manager or a salaried employee.


Seriously.  Only managers (salaried folks) are allowed to see what jobs are available.  Should you have a benevolent, encouraging or invested manager, you may get a peek at the jobs.  If you have a manager who doesn't want to deal with the time, effort and energy of replacing you, you are hosed.  In a big way.

Wow.  Who runs a company like this?  Of course, I asked about HR.  Call the HR department.  (I should have known better).  Nope, they won't help.  Only the important people have access to that information.

Condescending.  Arrogant.  Patronizing.  I am sure that there are other words.  We spent our coffee time on other area employers.  As talented as she is, I think she will be better off.

Just when I think that I have seen it all, I haven't.


LynFH said...

I am officially appalled. This company does not have a glass ceiling, it has a steel door.

Chris Ferdinandi said...

I'm confused... how do they let external candidates know about jobs? I'm assuming they post on job boards, or maybe even have their own?

If people outside can see it, can't she?

Deirdre said...

Lyn,it's a crazy steel door.

Chris, my understanding is that they don't advertise all positions externally. It would be interesting to call their HR department and find out how they hire. :)

genuine_pills said...

Oh well, Thinking seriously about it, I could have a Hair Loss