Thursday, September 22, 2011

Art Prize

For the next several weeks, I am going to write, blog, post on Flickr, PicasaWeb, fb, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Google + about ArtPrize.

I don't know anything about art.  Never had an art class past grade school.  Don't really know what I am looking at.  But that doesn't matter.  Best sign ever, "Life without art is stupid."

Okay.  I know this.  There is nothing like it anywhere.  
Artists come from all over the world.  They have to find the venue for their work.  It's tough.  The venues commit to staying open later hours and on the weekend.  I have seen art in the Grand River, bridges, churches, bars, banks, law firms, restaurants, a tent company, convention center, street corners, parking lots, and cars.  Really. Street corners. Building lobbies. Art is EVERYWHERE.  Oh yeah, and some great art in the local museums, too. 

I would write at length about what this means to our city.  People swarm the streets on evenings and weekends.  Restaurants are packed.  Some even ran out of food one year.  So many people come that they have had to set up shuttles to move people in, around, and out of the city.  I could write about how it energizes our city - while ArtPrize is going on and long after.

It's several weeks of art appreciation lessons.

These artists pour their hearts and souls into their works.  Doesn't matter what I think.  It's all beautiful. People are out - talking, sharing, engaging, walking the streets.  This is year three for me and I just can't wait.  I have already been out to two venues and tons more on the docket.  

And you better believe that I talk about ArtPrize when corresponding with candidates about living, working, and setting down roots here.  Check it out, won't you? 

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