Monday, September 5, 2011

Labor Day and the Post Office

The irony of being on vacation on Labor Day is not lost on me.  Every year, I take the week of Labor Day off - the weeks leading up to the the start of school are busy and it's a good time to relax.  And I get to catch up on news.

I was reading with interest the dire predicament of the Postal Service.  They are running out of money, have archaic business models, stiff private competition, and a no-strike clause in the employees' contracts.

That's crazy.

I have long wondered why the post office has Saturday delivery.  Most of my mail is junk mail, with the exception of a Christmas card or birthday wish.  

Bringing the vacation piece back into the picture, I am hanging out at our little piece of heaven in Oscoda, population approximately 1,000.  North of us is Greenbush, population 1,493, and north of Greenbush is Harrisville, population 493.

There are five post offices in a ten mile radius.  That makes no sense, at least no business sense.  How much postal assistance to 3,000 people need 6 days a week?

If the postal service is going to stay in business, and it should, it needs a significant reorganization including consolidations of locations, resources and labor.  This isn't 1980 and we aren't dependent on snail mail, faxes and landlines.

It should be interesting to watch this play out.

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