Saturday, October 15, 2011


I hate goodbyes. I got pretty good at it being a Navy wife.  But it doesn't mean I like it.

One of our employees is leaving.  She has been our HR assistant for several years.  She has found a great job near her home and would rather have a 15 minute commute instead of a 90 minute commute.  (C'mon, aren't we worth a 90 minute, one way drive every day?).   But we are really happy for her.   And really sad for us.  We will miss her.

Some of her accomplishments are more than noteworthy.

People could come to our office, intending to go to the payroll office (all the way across campus) and be thrilled to have walked in the office.  She just has that effect on people.

She is a fabulous writer.  We could hand her stuff (really, truly bare bones stuff) and say - can you make this sound good?  No, she couldn't.  She could make it sound GREAT.  Even redirect letters.  We will miss this.

She married a farmer.  I know more about cows and corn and farming than I ever thought possible.  You can read her blog here.

She used to roll her eyes at me and my great love of Samson.  Then she got a dog.  She started showing perfect strangers pictures of her dog on her phone.  She quit rolling her eyes at me.

Best of all, she has a GREAT sense of humor AND loves coffee.  The two most important qualities in an HR colleague.  Laughing over coffee in the morning ... and the afternoon ... was the best part of working with her. 

Good colleagues make work all the better.  Great colleagues make it look easy.  She did both, with fashion and flair.  Fair winds Jessica!  I wish you the best in your new job.


Jennifer said...

She will be missed. Wish her well in her new endeavors.

Deirdre said...

She sure will be. :) said...

Life is already a little less snarky. And that is just plain sad. :)

Still no words.