Wednesday, October 19, 2011

HR and Plants vs Zombies

Yes this is an HR post.

I love the game Plants vs. Zombies.  I am on round two of playing all the levels and it surprisingly doesn't get old. (While waiting for v2 of course).  It is an incredibly strategic game.  After you stop laughing, hear me out.  Only certain plants kill certain zombies.  The terrain changes all the time.  There are plants for the day time, shrooms for the night time, and special aquatic plants.  There are certain combinations needed to win.  You have to know these combinations.  Good luck with that. 

There are no directions.  There is a manual but you only get it after a certain level. 

While playing, I also talk to myself.  This is not new to those who know me.  But it isn't something that one normally says out loud on a blog.  But here it is because it's relevant. 

Here is what it sounds like when I am playing PvZ.
 --I didn't see that coming. 
 --Oh, those little buggers.  (or insert other words appropriate for severe frustration)
 --where did that come from?
 --how in the world do I handle this?  
 --what am I doing?   

And so on. Sometimes, it upsets the dog.  So I take a break. 

One day I was playing and thought to myself that there are several correlations to the HR world.

1.  You have to know your plants.  Or your people.  You have to spend time with the plants and know their strengths, when to plant them, when to bench them.  On some levels, the game designates the first three plants you get stuck with.  And you just have to play the hand your dealt
2.  You need to know the zombies.  First several levels, you just have to lose to figure out how to win.  This was a big one for me.  The zombies get more and more complex as the game goes on.  Just when you think you have it figured out, you don't.  Bam. 
3.  You can cheat.  There are all kinds of helpful resources available online.  You can learn from others.  You don't need to go it alone.
4.  Some days you just aren't going to know what hit you.  You have no idea where it came from and the best you can do is learn from it and try again.
5.  And some days, the Zombies just eat your brains.  Then you have a glass of wine

Now, go kill some Zombies.


Jennifer said...

Great correlations. Love it. Maybe I should try to play that game more than once or maybe I will just go for win.

Jennifer said...

Or wine. (guess I should proof-read)

Deirdre said...

:) You could do both.

Steve Boese said...

Love it! Patrick plays some Plants v. Zombies and I know it is much more complex than it seems on the surface. He has another 'business' kind of game about selling lemonade at a lemonade stand that really covers the basics of supply, demand, fixed and variable costs pretty well. There is plenty to learn from these games for sure.

Ciphr said...

There are so many strategic games that correlates to life as well and yes I do play plants vs zombies too.I first thought it was for kids only until i get the hang of it, It is for adults also :)

Deirdre said...

Steve, there is a new game due out and I understand that it is even more complex. What I think is so cool is that you have to play some of the levels before you get instructions. I love it. :)

Ciphr - thanks for stopping by. You are right - there are many games. I like the precarious possibility of having my brains eaten. That's when I just drink wine. :)