Saturday, October 29, 2011

Typos and such

What are your thoughts? 

You have a great candidate but the materials contain all kinds of errors - typos, word misspellings, names spelled wrong, and incorrect grammar. 

I am seriously a "one strike and you are out" screen-er.   I have been told that I am too harsh.  

Here is my perspective:

I have a ton of applications.
I am looking for candidates with the right KSAs to do the job.
I have a ton of applications.
Somewhere I have to start making the cut. 

If I have a job that requires "attention to detail" and you don't spell check AND proof your materials, I can't consider that "attention to detail."  Sorry but I just can't. 

If you write me a thank you letter and spell my name WAY wrong, that's lazy.  My name is all over the website, and mostly, it's on my business card.  

I just can't imagine a scenario where any of this is okay.  What are your thoughts?


Jody Skinner said...

I think you are absolutely right. Three other things come to mind: 1- excessive typos suggest a lack of effort and seriousness in the job hunt; 2- typos suggest a lack of self-awareness (if you have a learning disability or are just a bad speller, you should know that about yourself and take steps to overcome it, such as spellcheck anyone?); lack of self-awareness could also mean this is someone who is hard to coach; and most importantly 3- would you be comfortable putting these typos and name misspellings in front of your company's customers?

Deirdre said...

thanks Jody.

If the materials make it to me this way, I shudder to think what the stuff coming out of the office could look like.

Thanks for stopping by.

Midwest Administrator said...

good stuff and thanks again for your time today. I like this blog!