Sunday, October 2, 2011

Working on leadership

One aspect of my job that I truly enjoy is DiSC facilitation.  I get to work with departments on DiSC - their individual and comparative results.  Some days, it's the best part of my job.

Recently, Inscape (our DiSC resource) released out of beta The Work of Leaders. This assessment takes DiSC results and puts them in context of leadership style.

It's really cool.  What I love best is the report gives me CONCRETE areas to improve.  It tells me where I excel and conversely, where I probably don't.   I love this.

Oh, and no surprises.

I am a great encourager, when colleagues' spirits are low.  I need to move that encouragement up - when spirits are low, it's a little late.  Yup. 

The best tip?

Accept that being a leader sometimes requires the messy work of analysis. 

Bingo. I really need to work on this.  I think a good idea is plenty of information to move forward.  Ha. 

Oh, I am also too wordy.  Probably should work on that too.  I suspect that, with any time of self awareness, we know what we need to work on. Do you? What do you need to work on?


nhnndfkfd said...

Thanks for sharing your experience with use.. well i want to add that please write something on management vs leadership...

Deirdre said...

Thanks for stopping by. Here is my quick and dirty assessment.

Management is the nuts and bolts of getting work things done.

Leadership is when your people will strap gasoline cans on their backs and follow you through the gates of hell.

A strong visual but I think it works. I will think of other examples to share.